Travel Guide to Taiwan for First Time Traveler!

Have you ever had a tourist attraction to Taiwan since you saw the Kegantengan members of F4 in the drama Meteor Garden? Relax, you’re not alone. Up to now, the country with the capital of Taipei is still loved by Indonesian tourists because it has many interesting tourist spots. Before the holidays to Taiwan, it is mandatory to find out the travel guide to Taiwan to make the holiday more cool.

Taiwan is so modern that it is suitable as a family tourist destination. You will be presented with a high-rise expanse of Taiwan’s famous culinary delights. All of them are added to the beauty of the mountains and beautiful landscapes scattered all over the country.



Check out the most complete Taiwan travel guide for first time traveler. From important info, transportation, best destinations, to the culinary you must try in Taiwan!

13 Important essentials Before you travel to Taiwan

1. Essential cards for travel in Taiwan

Travel Guide to Taiwan all you have to know is to have EasyCard. EasyCard is a smart card that can be used for Taipei MRT services, pay buses, taxis, ferries, and YouBike services. This card can also be used to pay for public parking and shopping at the EasyCard supermarket with logo. Where to buy a Taiwan EasyCard card? It is at every metro station in Taipei.

2. Taiwan does not accept this currency

Taiwan does not accept USD, Canadian dollars, euros, or other foreign currencies as a means of payment. So, you have to exchange it for the new Taiwan dollar (TWD). Do not exchange money at the airport because the rate is less good. Exchange money with the best value in authorised money changer or at the nearest bank.

Please note, the new Taiwan Bank is open at 9 a.m. and we are obliged to bring passports when exchanging money. Do not exchange rupiah into TWD in Taiwan because the value will be greatly dropped. If the difficulty of exchanging rupiah to TWD in Indonesia, it is better to redeem the rupiah to USD. Then when they arrived in Taiwan, the USD Exchange became TWD.

It can also carry a debit/credit card with Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus, or Maestro to withdraw money overseas. ATM machines are quite easy to find in Taiwan. Take a lot of direct amount as each withdrawal will incur a certain fee.

You can use EasyCard in several stores, supermarkets, restaurants, or shopping places. However, most local businesses only accept cash. So, bring enough cash during the tour in Taiwan.

3. Carry this type of adapter

The power plugs in Taiwan are the same as those used in the United States, i.e. 110V. For that, prepare a universal travel adapter in order to be able to charge various gadgets that you carry. Do you want to turn off the style just because you can’t handle it?

4. Don’t Tip!

Apparently, tipping is not a habit in Taiwan. You don’t need to tip after using a service because it can make someone feel offended. Generally hotels and upscale restaurants have added 10% for service fees.

5. Taiwan is a safe state. But…

According to data, Taiwan is one of the countries that is safe for travel. Walking at night was safe for a woman because in this country many markets and restaurants are open 24 hours. Nevertheless, you have to stay cautious and vigilant, yes.

6. In Taiwan, what to do?

If you do not know how to ride a vehicle, just call number 0800-024-111. You can call the service for 24 hours at no charge. Wear Chinese, Japanese or English. If emergency, immediately call 119.

7. Learn the essential vocabulary in Mandarin

Some Taiwanese locals may be able to speak English. However, it is still important to learn some important Mandarin vocabulary.

8. International Sim, need or not?

If you want to rent a car during a tour in Taiwan, of course must have an international DRIVER valid for the first 30 days. You can get it at the American Automobile Association or The Motor Vehicles Offices located in Taipei. If the validity period expires, you can apply for renewal.

9. How to find cheap hotels in Taiwan

Hotels in Taiwan are much more expensive on Saturdays. To get around, sign up for a newsletter on the hotel’s website for promo info and discounts. If you want to be cheaper, look for a motel. Although most motels in Taiwan are (Uhuk) love motel, it remains better than not to be a place to stay at all. You can also check Airbnb.

10. Tips before trying Taiwanese cuisine

Taiwanese local cuisine is much cheaper than western food such as sandwiches, pizzas, or pasta. But if you still want to eat Western food while in Taiwan, look for a restaurant that serves breakfast or brunch. They usually serve omelets, hamburgers, or sandwiches at a more friendly price.

But, unfortunately, if not try the famous culinary of Taiwan is delicious! The chefs in Taiwan are famous as reliable cookers, you know. Although it tastes good, not everything is lawful. There may be some menus that seem to have no pork, but most chefs use pork oil as flavoring. To do this, you should first ask before you order food.

If you have food allergies, don’t forget to tell the waiter or write and show them to the waiter. Do not let the travel guide to Taiwan fail in total just because you are wrong to eat.


11. Ready for wet tissue! Here’s why

Most tourist spots in Taiwan implement a dry toilet system. To do so, do not forget to always bring wet tissues in the bag. Toilets with water sprays are usually available in Muslim-friendly tourist spots.

12. How does ethics take public transport in Taiwan?

Taiwan residents have a culture in line. Therefore, when taking the MRT, there will be a sign indicating where to stand and queue to enter. It is forbidden to bring food, drinks and chewing gum when taking public transportation. If you violate, you can get a penalty.

13. Halal Tourism for Muslims in Taiwan

Do not worry, the streets to Taiwan belong to friendly Kok for Muslims. The Government of Taiwan has added various facilities for Muslims, such as Musala, places of Wudu, and qibla direction. In fact, the Chinese Muslim Association has made an application called Halal.TW. You can find a variety of information about halal restaurants, musala, mosques, and so on in the application.

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